I love Juugo

Can a photography describe itself a product and its main characteristics? I think so, but if I'm honest I think you can´t always say everything with just a photograph.

Juugo has created a handmade case for mobile and is unlike anything you've seen. This brand it is not only considered from the point of view of the design, the highest quality or creativity, also offers an original and different design from others. Therefore, perhaps this picture deserves further explanation.

This case by Juugo solves the problem for devices with large screens that are sometimes difficult to handle. Sometimes having a phone with big screen is difficult to hold.

The handle on rear of Juugo case is the best solution for iPhone (5,5S, 6 and 6 Plus) and Samsung Galaxy (S4, S5 and their latest models). In the online store you will see fantastic designs made in Italy, showing the authentic handmade.