Alexander McQueen at Victoria & Albert Museum

As I told you a few days ago, I went to London and I've had the pleasure of visit "Savage Beauty", the exhibition from the designer Alexander McQueen, who died on February 11, in 2010.

It is the largest exhibition that the Victoria & Albert Museum has dedicated to the world of fashion. The same exhibition was opened at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, organized by the Costume Institute in 2011. And according specialized people, the retrospective of the V&A, is visually more potent than the one held in New York. It contains many unusual pieces and examples of McQueen's work, some of them provided by Katy England and Givenchy.

Alexander McQueen at Victoria & Albert museum 2

Claire Wilcox, is the curator of the exhibition and the editor of the book that the V&A produced in connection with the exhibition. This is high quality material, which have got great collaborators and contains a valuable photographic material. Undoubtedly, a book to read again and again, and know more about the life of Alexander McQueen designer.

The exhibition is a retrospective of McQueen career. Through different rooms, you can travel through time. Since his first collection in 1992 when he graduated from St Martins, and also to the AW 2010 collection, that left incomplete. In many cases, these are pieces created to be shown only in fashion shows and not with the intention of producing them. You can see more than 200 original pieces that tell the story from the beginning and until the arrival of world fame. An exhibition to enjoy with all senses. Through a great stage, 3D holographic technology, audio and video images of the different catwalks, the essence of the designer is perceived.

Alexander McQueen at Victoria & Albert museum 5

Interestingly the road taken by Lee Alexander McQueen. His curiosity in the primitive and nature, one of the major themes of romanticism and used for his creations. He let run his imagination through the trips made around Africa, India, China, Turkey and Japan. And it is in Japan where he rescues a garment and then re interpreted in their collections. The kimono. The designer experienced through different countries around the world. Explore the fabrics, patterns, materials and make his own history.

All his work is incredible. Is difficult to choose one collection. So different can be one collection from the other, that at times gives the impression that are different designers. An example of this is his recurring interest in the primitive “What I do is look at ancient African tribes, and the way they dress. There´s a lot of tribalism in the collections”.

Alexander McQueen at Victoria & Albert museum 6

When it seems that the exhibition is coming to the end, the next step is the "Cabinet of Curiosities". I can assure you that once there you will not want to leave. There is so much to see and hear that we would need to have a 6th sense. It is a magnificent journey into the universe of Lee Alexander McQueen.

Finally, I leave one of the phrases by McQueen tat I love: “There is no way back for me now. I´m going to take you on journeys you've never dreamed were possible”.

Alexander McQueen at Victoria & Albert museum 4
I hope you enjoy this exhibition and don´t doubt if you have the possibility to go to London and visit it. It still at the V&A until August 2.
Photo credit: Victoria & Albert Museum