The hippie chic brand from Barcelona

The Stylistbook - Lío de Faldas (3)

A few days ago I discovered a fashion brand that you will love. Is called Lío de Faldas. A brand that defines itself as hippie -chic. Its essence can be found in India, where the designer, Cristina Balcells, found inspiration and fell in love with the fabric, colors and people. Everything is designed in Barcelona under the supervision of its creator and is produced in a workshop in India.

Lío de Faldas is designed for the woman who always wants to look good and take care of every detail. Its collections range from dresses, skirts , blouses and jeans to match with very glamorous garments or a basic t-shirt.

The Stylistbook - Lío de Faldas

For making the garments quality materials such as silk, wool, cashmere and lace are used. Also handmade embroidery , antique sarees, different fabrics and organic cotton . All this is what can be seen touching the clothes. You can see a great craftsmanship and the most interesting is wear original and almost exclusive garments because they produced very few units of each design.

The designs of Lío de Faldas take us on a journey to India with full of colours, wonderful fabrics and garments with charm.