Live your Rec.08 experience

Live your Rec 08 experience

Today I want to tell you about my experience in Rec.08 in Igualada city, province of Barcelona. Yesterday I was invited for a special visit with other fashion bloggers where the objective was feel and live the Rec.08 experience. For the event, they transform the old industrial neighborhood of Rec in pop up stores where the best brands offer their products with low cost price. A big shopfront inside the factories and tanneries.  The place is really interesting for the fashion lovers and for the people who appreciate good architecture. Prepare your camera.

The first stop was at Rec´s offices, inside in one of the factory where they had prepared a delicious brunch. After we enjoy the food and take a lot of pictures we prepare to start the special visit.Live your Rec 08 experience

In our schedule we had four special invitations. The first brand was Sita Murt. I want it all. I choosed a wool coat in grey colour. Beautiful. Later, we went to meet the proposal by TCN. As you know I like so much wear dresses and I couldn't resist. Then, we visited the pop up store by Custo Barcelona with different designs and options for all the family. Finally, Textura, invited us to discover the best products for the home. What lovely things! Also I could enjoy the visit in others pop up stores, meet new brands and enjoy a cold beer by Estrella Damm.

Rec.08 is a project that started with the idea of six persons who have something special with the neighborhood. They prepare two editions per year and this event has become a fashion, heritage and culture in Catalonia.

The Stylistbook - Live your Rec 08 experience

My Rec.08 experience has been fabulous and I will return in the next edition. And you, Have you lived your Rec.08 experience?