Lacoste by Peter Saville

To celebrate the 80th anniversary, Lacoste invited the British art director Peter Saville, to re design a basic garments . The artist designed a new version of one of the classic clothes of the brand: the white polo. He gave free rein to his imagination and he played with the crocodile, in different ways.

After work , made ​​Peter Saville mentioned on experience with the signature: "When we create art , we ask questions, and traditional design gives answers. In this case , the issue is that the logo of Lacoste is so inherent to the identity of the brand , which remains present even when it doesn't look like it . My conclusion is that the identity of Lacoste is immortal. "

[caption id="attachment_4916" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Pop up at Santa Eulalia (Photo Jorge Andreu) Pop up in Santa Eulalia (Photo: Jorge Andreu)[/caption]

You can find the new designs by Lacoste at the pop up store in Santa Eulalia until December 3 . There are two collections available: Collection Holiday Collector Series N ° 8 and the Limited Edition. The latter is a true limited edition comprising only 80 for women and 80 for men, all with completely unique logo.