Brownie: so delicious that you should wear it

The Stylistbook -Brownie (3)

Today I want to talk about a "handmade" and female company that I really love it. Brownie is a project from Juan Morera y Mercedes Ortega began in 2006 because of their devotion and concern about fashion. For that reason they make their clothes in traditional way and with the finest raw materials. Their products are aimed at teenagers, mothers and grandmothers. But there is another important thing that I want to stress. They designed and manufactured all their products in Spain. You can see and touch the quality in the clothes.


In Brownie you can find basic clothes and the outfits for every season. They offer you cute and original skirts, dresses, shorts, tops, trousers, special collections, accessories and more.


If you want to be fashionable, you'll want to be part of the universe of Brownie.