The jewellery for this summer

The Stylistbook - Rosa Bisbe

A few days ago I went to a special event at Rosa Bisbe jewelry. It really was a fantastic time to watch how we can use jewellery this summer.

They have different designs for necklaces and bracelets to wear with your bikini in the beach. Also in those accessories you can write your name, the name of your childrens, your husband, wife or a sympathetic phrase. You can recording in a jewel something special for you and have it for ever.

The Stylistbook - Rosa Bisbe

For the event we could see the swimwear brand Janina Lingerie and some models with the different designs of bikinis and of course with the necklaces and bracelets from Rosa Bisbe. One of the best things that Janina Lingerie offer you is the possibility to have your tailor-made bikini.

The Stylistbook - Janina Lengerie (3)

I spent a wonderful time there and enjoyed looking the beautiful and elegant jewellery. And of course I have my necklace with my name.

The Stylistbook - Janina Lengerie (2)