Live the spirit of Vans

The Stylistbook - Vans (3)

There are clothes that make a style, a time. Garments that are also identified with a brand, are a definition themselves. Thus some feel that not only the garment is what defines a style, but also the brand it represents.

Surely this was not a concern for Paul Van Doren, when in the 90s decided to create Vans. Van Doren created a sneakers basic brand that would be suitable for practicing skate, an activity in vogue which he enjoyed it. After the skate, Vans were used for lovers of punk-pop bands that in those years were booming. The festivals were filled with people who wore those simple shoes but with design and catching colours.

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The next step for Vans was to reach the space of surfers and extreme sports, and from there reach an increasingly important market, not only in America but in the rest of the world. Vans became one of the classic pieces of thousands and thousands of young people who preferred to dress in style and, at the same time very comfortable.

Today Vans is already an international strong brand and a style symbol. The brand has grown so much that can be considered a piece of these times.

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 Enjoy your Vans whatever you do.