Enjoying my Paez shoes

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A few days ago I have the opportunity to meet Paez. It´s a brand that born and raised in Argentina in 2007 by the idea of three friends. The objective: give out a typical product from Argentina all around the world. I´m talking about the espadrilles. I´m sure you have one in your wardrobe. Always when I was a child I used to use them and since a few years ago they are a good partner for my summers and springs.

The other day, through Blog on Brands, I have received in my house my first pair of shoes from Paez. I chose them in white colour because I like it so much for this season. But if you click on the website you could see a lot of colours and designs they have got. I have to say that my espadrilles are so comfortable. You could use with jeans, shorts, dresses and many of combinations.

Paez sold their products between different stores in 25 countries and have got five exclusive stores. If you buy on line you will have the “standard” shipping free and receive the product between 5 o 7 business days. What are you waiting to have your Paez?

I´m enjoying this summer with my Paez shoes!