Discovering Parfois

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A few weeks ago I met Parfois. A brand from Portugal that has a variety of jewellery, handbags, clutches and shoes. Also different kind of accessories that you need to mix with your outfits. I discovered one of the stores they have in Spain, specifically in Barcelona. Besides having beautiful designs, the most interesting thing is that they permanently renewing products. Also you will find the latest fashion trend and some designs and colours that that are not repeated as in the most stores. And that is just what I like. Can buy some original and different accessories.

The Stylistbook - Street Style Fashion Blog

The other day I received a nice surprise from Parfois. They sent me this gift and I really like it.

The colour of the handbag and accessories are ideal for this season. I wanted to use this type of color in spring. I have to tell you that I have used the handbag in different opportunities and it´s so comfortable. It has very good size and is ideal for those women who want to wear a little more than the essentials.

The necklace, bracelet and the earrings are beautiful. I wore the necklace with a black shirt and it was a good combination. It´s perfect for wear during the day or night.