Be happy, be Smash

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A few days ago I have participated in a fantastic event with Smash. This is a brand from Barcelona thinking about spontaneous, uninhibited, free and funny women who don´t want get bored with the clothes. Smash create each collection with exclusive and fresh designs and with a big variety to choose. The three basic concepts for Smash are: originality, cheerful spirit and optimistic.

What was the proposal of the workshop?

The stylistbook - Street style fashion blog

They have got a question for all the bloggers there: What makes you happy in Barcelona? I have got many things about this city so it not was easy to choose one. With that proposal we had to create a tote bag. For help us we had got many elements like fabrics, painting, buttons, pencils, postcards, threads and others  materials. What a great challenge! Imagine that moment: a big group of bloggers creating their tote bags, talking and sharing the pictures in the social networks. It was a fantastic moment for me and I really enjoyed it a lot.

Here I leave the video of the event. Enjoy it!

Finally, we made a little presentation for Tendencias TV showing our tote bag. Here is mine.

The Stylistbook - Street style fashion blog
I feel happy, I feel Smash.