Shore: the place for the freesports lovers

Shore the place for the freesport lovers  (1)

Shore was born in 1982 as a store for the market of products dedicated to surfing. Founded by Simon Crawford in West Sussex, UK, Shore was installed as a reference of freesports lovers  and its success allowed him to open new offices and, of course, the online store.
Similar story can be told of the English brand Animal. Born in the UK when two surf fans warned that making products for lovers of this sport could fund their trips to Oz and Hawaii.
With stories so similar and it seemed strange that Shore and Animal had nothing in common with the passage of time. Actually Animal has become one of the clothing brands for freesports lovers of more and better sold in the online store of Shore.

Shore the place for the freesport lovers  (3)
Hats, shorts, t-shirts and the best Animal supplements can be purchased with the best prices in Shore. Highly recommended for all lovers of surfing and outdoor life because they offer good prices. This is a must for those who buying from the UK, because with the combination of your purchases can save the shipping to home.

Shore the place for the freesport lovers  (2)
The surfing, windsurfing, BMX, Ski-ing, skateboarding, mountain biking and snowboarding are a very attractive option. I have been impressed by the good prices and raring to order my products. Maybe I will start with the most characteristic products of Animal Clothing Sale, as their watches and later I will go for a coat or t-shirts. They are beautiful!