Live your urban style with Edwin jeans

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The denim is a staple of any modern wardrobe. Socially is so accepted that they are part of the habitual clothing and also can be regarded as a symbol of modern urban man dress. Edwin  designers know very well this concept. The historic japanese house, legendary because of the quality that they have got.

Edwin is a japanese brand that begins with the production of jeans in the early 50s of the last century. In that time a young called Tsunemi became famous for his designs, characterized by the quality of their denim. Since 1983 Edwin is the leading brand in the japanese market and since then have been exported their creations all around the world.

The Stylistbook - Street Style Fashion Blog

Edwin has achieved international fame because is one of the few brands that still processed by hand with natural indigo cotton plantations obtained from Tokushima. That gives to the Edwin jeans a richer color and natural more than the tints of chemicals used in the industry in recent years.

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