A dress: one for every occasion


A dress is a kind of clothes that you can wear in different moments. Also during all the year and across the four seasons. Something that you should have in your wardrobe. It´s a good partner for a party, graduation, birthday, business dinner, holidays and of course in weddings.
It will very important if you want to married. I remember each detail when I had to choose my wedding dress. First, cute. Second, just for my personality. Third, comfortable. Yes! I´ll want to dance all the night in the same dress.

The last month I went to London to the Victoria & Albert Museum. Always something attractive for you. There I saw an interesting exhibition: “Ballgowns: British Glamour Since 1950”. Beautiful ballgowns, red carpet evening dresses and catwalk showstoppers. Many designs displayed over two floors for social events such as private parties, royal balls, state occasions and opening nights. Incredible. Amazing. I really enjoyed it.
Today you have many possibilities to buy a dress on line. For example you can purchase on internet for a design in another country, far away from you. There are many websites waiting for you. The other day I came across MissesDressy: a shop on line from the big apple. One of the best things: they have more than 8000 dresses, one for every occasion and every size.

What are you waiting for?
I´m shure you can find the best
prom dresses!