The women´s passion

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A few days ago I received an invitation for a special event at Cervera Barcelona. One of the principal jewellers in the city.

What a nice surprise! It really was an interesting meeting. I could enjoy with others fashion bloggers and learn all about the brand. Concept, inspiration and philosophy.

I met Xavier Cervera, the owner from the brand. I have to say that he is an interesting person with a clear vision of his company and where he wants to go in future. I  remembered something special that he told us: “when you put a ring you know that you have an authentic design from Cervera Barcelona because you can close your eyes and feel it when you take it off”.

I think that one of the best moments was when we get inside the design studio for a special visit. I could see where and how they end the designs, make the polish and finish incredible jewels. All the process is step by step, with much care and made by hand. How long is all the process takes! You can´t imagine it. A jewel is always a special present for a woman.

During the event I could try, feel and touch some pieces and I couldn't choose one because all the designs have got something special.

In the company they have got a very clear objective: be a reference in Barcelona for all the world. I´m sure they are in the right way!

Finally a surprise: when I thought it was over, I had to choose a pearl for make a wristband. Soon I will show you which is my design.

Cervera Barcelona was an excellent experience for me.