A dress for each occasion

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Sometimes is frequent that in this part of the year we have different invitation for parties. Weddings, business dinner, graduations, friends dinner, Christmas and New Year. The style of parties depends of the customs in the different countries. However in the most of occasions you need a dress or something cute to wear it. How could you choose the perfect outfit in each occasion? How could you choose the best dress for you?

Today I want to talk about dresses. Looking on line I found an interesting site to have a look. In Javelin I found many brands and some cute dresses for many occasions.

First of all I want to tell you that I really believed that all the woman should have a black dress in your closet. Or maybe two: one short and other large. A black dress it´s essential. You could change them with many kind of accessories and could have a lot of dresses. For example: with a scarf, a pair of earrings, a necklace, a belt or a clutch.  

I choose some dresses for special occasions.


Black dress from Hoss Intropia. I think it could be for a cocktail, for a casual dinner and of course for a business dinner.

Maybe for a wedding you want something more special or fashion. Obviously it depend if it´s during the day or at night. Here one option from Little Mistress


Which one do you like it?