A cute accessory for the winter

I know that for some people the winter is far away, but there are some others are in winter in this time of the year. In general a good accesory could change our outfits and make them more pretty. In winter or autum, when we have cold days we can use different accesories to be more fashion, like scarves, gloves or beanies.

The other day I discovered Sgt.Stch from Australia. This brand create beanies with organic jersey cotton lined. They have classic designs that you can wear anywhere, with anything. I guess that´s the best part. Don´t you think that?

Also when you buy one of those beanies, $10 from every purchase goes straight to the charity 'Seeds for Africa' which builds kitchen gardens for the lesser priviledged in schools across Southern Africa. An brillant idea!
Sgt.Stch is s a good oportunity to make a special gift. Don´t forget to look those cute beanies!